i. Languages and Cultures: University of Sheffield

In Sheffield I offer undergraduate and postgraduate teaching on the Enlightenment and Romanticism, Thomas Mann, on contemporary Swiss-German literature, and on cultural theory (including in relation to gender). I examine undergraduates across a range of modules. I have contributed to seminars in the departments of English and History as well, but am based in the School of Languages and Cultures.

From 2018-2019, I am offering a new final-year module: The Birth of Consumerism and Creativity: Germany & Britain.

In 2016, the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK donated the Sheffield Collection of Swiss Literature in German. In autumn 2016, we were visited by the Swiss author Martin R. Dean, also funded by the embassy. I organised a masterclass on literary translation and a seminar on Swissness. Thanks again to the Swiss Embassy, at Sheffield we offer Swiss Arts Council Book Prizes to top undergraduates in German and in French.

I am available for postgraduate supervision, and would be pleased to hear from prospective students.

I have supervised an MA dissertation in the Applied Languages programme, on German translations of Shakespeare in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. I have also supervised a German Studies MA dissertation on E.T.A. Hoffmann and Kleist, and a MUNDUS MA dissertation on Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony and Contemporary Britishness.

I have guest supervised a Swiss Mobility PhD student’s thesis on contemporary European fiction and euthanasia. I currently supervise two PhD students, both of whom are fully funded. I am primary supervisor for one, secondary supervisor for the other. You can read about their projects here and here.




ii. Germanistik/Komparatistik: University of Bern (in German)

BA Seminar: Autumn 2014, Thursdays, 10-12: Das Werk beiseite: Paratexte um 1800. Description here. Guest seminar on Jean Paul in Bochum, June 2015.

Advanced BA / MA Seminar: Spring 2015, Wednesdays, 10-12: Zum Flair des Friseurs. Dällebach Kari und die Kulturwissenschaft. Description here. Final course included: Nestroy, Hoffmann, Dickens, Hermann, Bachmann, Tendai Huchu, Wondratschek and Hoppe, among other authors. Cross-listed with World Arts, World Literatures and Gender Studies.

Fachexperte (external examiner) for school leaving exams in Bern (Matura: Grundlagefach Deutsch).


iii. German Language: University of Oxford

First years, October 2011-Spring 2014: weekly grammar revision lectures as Heath Harrison Fellow for the Faculty.

Second years, spring and summer 2011 and 2012: literary translation from German into English for Jesus and Oriel Colleges.

Fourth years (finalists), October 2011-June 2012: literary translation from German into English for Oriel College.

In 2011 I was part of the Faculty’s ‘Working Party on Language Teaching’. In 2012, I advised the working party on postgraduate teaching for ab initio German.

In addition, I have co-organized less formal opportunities for German language learning, such as work experience trips with sixth form pupils to Aachen and Koblenz, Germany (2007-10) and a weekly German coffee morning (‘Kaffeeklatsch’) for undergraduates at UC Berkeley (2008-9).

In 2007 I taught English language to unemployed young adults as part of a publically-funded education initiative in Trier, Germany.


iv. German Literature: University of Oxford

First years for Jesus College, January 2011-July 2012.

Drama: course on modern German drama and study of the playwrights Wedekind, Bernstein, Kaiser and Brecht (texts set by the Faculty, schedule and questions self-conceived).

Poetry: survey of poetry from the Middle Ages and especially the baroque period to the present (list of poems determined by the Faculty).

Prose: revision tutorials for prose works set by the Faculty, a unit comprising texts by Fontane, Thomas Mann, Kafka and Remarque.


v. German Linguistics: University of Oxford

Second years and fourth years (finalists) for over ten Oxford colleges, May-December 2011.

This course consisted of set topics such as German phonetics and phonology, morphology, and language acquisition, as well as sociolinguistic components of my own design. ‘German’ linguistics here encompassed analysis of contemporary dialects within Germany, Switzerland and Austria; varieties such as Luxembourgish; ethnolects which have recently emerged in the German-speaking world; and phenomena in German arising from language contact with English and Yiddish, for example.


vi. Thoughts and Notes on Teaching (Oxford, Bern and Sheffield):

[Talk, 2011] ‘Exporting the German Seminar’. Oxford seminar series for a general audience on ‘The Idea of a University. Beyond Consumerism? Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century University’. This paper was part of a graduate panel on the experience of learning around the globe (here).

Suggestions for students revising for Oxford Finals are summarized here.

Some notes for Bern students (in German) on writing term papers and on Swiss Mobility.

Materials and reading lists for Sheffield students are on the MOLE system.

Post: Germanic Studies, School of Languages and Cultures
Jessop West, 1 Upper Hanover Street, Sheffield S3 7RA, UK